Living Circle – 9/19/15

Trust Project Minnesota will be hosting a Living Circle next month at Rondo Library. The Living Circle is a free space for women of color to have open and safe dialogue around topics on reproductive justice. This Living Circle will be on family, sex, relationships, and sexuality. Space is limited, so please come early. Any questions, please contact us Just Don't Understand

Baby Steps


“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.”

-Denis Waitley

  • What is Trust Project?

Trust project is a group of women of color who hold meetings, workshops and events surrounding reproductive justice. Our mission is creating spaces to foster Minnesotan Women of Color leadership in reproductive health through resources, community education, and lobbying. Building trust in collective voices and knowledge in cross cultural, and inter-generational experiences and practices in healthcare.

  • Why does Trust Project matter?

Personal stories are what make reproductive justice work come alive for the communities we serve and engage. We want to hear your story, which will help shape the Trust Project as we work toward our goal of meeting the needs of all women. We believe that as women of color many of our stories are told for us. We want to legitimize our experiences by sharing our truth.

For our first workshop we started off with an introduction of how the reproductive justice framework is linked to the human rights framework. Using a sistersong video to convey the stories of Black women in the reproductive justice movement, we were able to begin a dialogue of how human rights and reproductive justice affects our lives. As a group we asserted that we understand the similarities between different racial groups, however that does not narrow our perception when it comes to between group differences. It is our goal to use our overlapping experiences to create a united front to push our stories to the forefront of the reproductive justice movement. By documenting these stories through videos, photos and blogging we are able to create a space that humanizes women of colors experiences, and provides a truthful narrative.

Our next workshop (May 16th) Reproductive Justice 101 will continue laying the foundation and fleshing out more of the language that we would need to continue to have these meaningful discussions. To receive more updates for times/location please like us on Facebook at